Our Brands

Each of our brands stands for added value and success. They enable us to target precisely all relevant user groups. Here is a list and overview of every brand we own.

Harry Burr, CEO.

Syniro Hosting

Externally hosted

Syniro Hosting is Syniro’s web hosting company selling hosting products for surprisingly low prices and even free as an employee benefit for some companies. Operation started in February, just before the 2020 COVID epidemic.


Externally hosted

Clientmatic is the 21st century way of sending files to and from businesses/freelancers to their clients, and vice versa. Clientmatic launched on 23rd May 2020 on Product Hunt, during the 2020 COVID epidemic.


Externally hosted

SQUgroup is our oldest brand, and is the replacement to Intelax. It makes Intranets for small businesses and startups, at a low cost . SQUgroup has been running since 31st Jan 2020. It had a major rebranding and version upgrade in May of 2020.


Externally hosted

PressFriends is Syniro’s first not-for-profit brand which gives out free WordPress instances for people who need it most and businesses that have limited funding. PressFriends has been running since 8th February 2020. It’s logo was changed in March of 2020.


Externally hosted

Amlab is the host of Syniro’s education projects such as Sponne School’s news quiz. We are a not-for-profit and started running on March 8th 2020 after a major rebrand and temporary shutdown of services, due to the COVID epidemic.


Externally hosted

Tulina is our newest brand, which creates well designed, modern social media networks for families. Tulina has just started publically and we have just finished out website. Tulina was incorporated 20th Mar 2020 during the COVID epidemic to help families keep connected in a secure and easy way.


Externally hosted

TenDesk is our IT Support brand with a twist, it allows companies to customise their IT Support system for their employees. TenDesk started basic operations on 10th May 2020 and was the first .space domain to be purchased by Syniro and is the first large Syniro brand to use Carrd for their website and sub-brands.