Coronavirus: Our Response

We are committed to making sure our customers stay safe and healthy above everything we do. Syniro are taking many steps across the company to ensure that our clients, customers, partners and staff continue to get treated fairly.

What Syniro are doing about Coronavirus

Website notices

On some Syniro owned websites, you may see notices about Coronavirus taking place of some advertisements and under search bars. This is to ensure people are following national government advice.

Amlab Shutdown

Amlab has stopped creating services for schools and instead are focusing on other parts of Syniro that need more help. Some schools and Care centres in the UK have shut down and are not in need of our services anyway.


Tulina can now be started with for free, with a decrease on our Premium plan from £14.99 to £9.99


All employees are now working from home and we are using freelancers more than ever before. Be rest assured that our employees are still getting a fair wage.

How it affects you

We hope everything gets back to normal in no time, and we are commited to helping you through these changes. We have opened an mailbox where concerns about Coronavirus can be sent to, if you have any questions.

We thank you for being our customer, and our partner and are ready for anything even through these tough times.

Update 1: Schools in the UK have officially shut, so Amlab services do not have a purpose any more, so the News Quiz development has been paused until further notice.

Update 2: We have added Stay at Home notices to Syniro’s website after the recent release from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson: