Our Programs

Some of our operations happen via temporary (or sometimes permenant if proving to be a success) programs. Here is the program directory.

Syniro Legacy Brand Reselling Program

Hi. We are the Syniro Legacy Brand Reselling Program, or SLBRP for short. We resell old Syniro legacy brands from old dissolved businesses like InBrand Group, Groupolo, HatTM, InBrandNetwork, Trive, TriveUK, TriveGroup and more. We even make our own brands to sell sometimes.

Syniro Unused Domain Donation Program

SUDDP is our latest project and it’s goal is to donate unused Syniro Registry domains to other businesses that are in need of a domain. SUDDP are partners of PressFriends who Syniro are the parent company of. SUDDP can be connected to a PressFriends instance with almost one click as they don’t need to be registered, just transferred!

Syniro Domain Registry

SDR, or Syniro Domain Registry is the Syniro program that manages all Syniro domains. From syniro.org to tulina.xyz, we manage them all.