Syniro Legacy Brand Reselling Program

Hi. We are the Syniro Legacy Brand Reselling Program, or SLBRP for short. We resell old Syniro legacy brands from old dissolved businesses like InBrand Group, Groupolo, HatTM, InBrandNetwork, Trive, TriveUK, TriveGroup and more. We even make our own brands to sell sometimes.

Interested in purchasing a brand?

We normally sell old brands on online marketplace’s such as eBay and Flippa. Our eBay account is publicly available here. You can also buy our brands directly from this website via our store below. To see more products, go to

Which brands are selling right now?

These brands are currently selling:

  • RailTalk.
  • SoftwareBox.
  • AppleChat.
  • COVIDChat.

Which brands have recently sold?

These brands have recently sold:

  • Britainly
  • FrontCloud
  • Exploring England