Syniro Unused Domain Donation Program

SUDDP is our latest project and it’s goal is to donate unused Syniro Registry domains to other businesses that are in need of a domain. SUDDP are partners of PressFriends who Syniro are the parent company of. SUDDP can be connected to a PressFriends instance with almost one click as they don’t need to be registered, just transferred!

Need a domain?

If you are looking for a domain and are struggling for money for your growing internet business, you can get a free domain with WordPress hosting by applying for a PressFriends instance and emailing support asking them for one of our domains. If you already have hosting and just need a domain, click the button below to email SDR, the owner of this project:

Our database

You can take a look at our most up to date spreadsheet of domains below, which is provided by SDR, the owner of this project. Please note that some of these domains are already in use by a Syniro brand or have been donated to a business already:

Last updated: Fri 18 Aug 2020